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Philosophy is Food for the Soul. Good people exploring Great Ideas, through Love and Conversation.

About GC:

SXolé is the home of the "IndED Community" and the "Best Education of a Lifetime Is..." Course for parents of school-age kids, as well as "That Club" and the "Great Ideas Through the Arts" Discussion Courses.

We've had a tendency to focus on kids' resumes as the nature of their education. We at IndED seek to instead focus on conversation, pursuit of virtue, and the role of family and community in pursuing a better world.

For the rest of us, there is a lot of interest in the past decade (and for many decades prior) in protest, resistance, and rallies. Bullhorns come out; signs are hoisted, and there are “battle lines being drawn.” There is a time for those things. There is also a time to sit down and discuss, to understand, to reach out and work through these challenges person-to-person, and God forbid, make friends, all in search for good, truth, and beauty.

The word "SXOLE" ( σχολή  pronounced "SKŌ-LEE") is the ancient Greek word which serves as the origin of the word "school" which in the Latin came out to "place of learning", but the original meaning in Greek was: LEISURE. The Greeks believed that the most noble and proper use of our free time was discussion, debate... deliberation... conversation, and not small talk, but talk about ... you guessed it: philosophy, religion, politics, ethics, ideas.... the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the true and the false, the real and the nominal. All of it.

Tired of the "cause"? Join a Community. Join the Conversation.

Why You Should Join:

This is not easy. This takes time. It takes patience. It takes commitment. This is why Great Conversation(s) (a project of IndED) is growing through:

  • The "IndED Community" and the "Best Education of a Lifetime Is..." Course for families seeking a soulful approach to education.

  •  The “blog” where we’re adding authors and contributors

  • "That Club" Dinner Clubs - because food is the best conversation starter.

  • "Coffee Klatsch”- start your week with good friends

  • "Great Ideas Through the Arts" Discussion Groups - learn through the masters of Western Civilization while watching classic and inspiring modern films. 

  • Podcasts (“Rules of the Game” hosted by IndED Founder and Director, Butch Porter).

Sincerest Thanks:

This only works with Good People willing to take some time out of their busy days to explore Great Ideas. Thanks for choosing us.